Therapy in English

For those who feel more confident speaking in English, we offer the following therapies both face to face and online.

Individual therapy

Psychotherapy is a process between two people in which the therapists supports the client and helps him/her to develop a different point of view and facilitates learning new attitudes and strategies. Therapy sessions are a secure environment that fosters confidence and self-exploration using acceptance, responsibility and commitment.

Couples therapy

Couples therapy aims to restore communication between members of a couple as well as to facilitate decisions about their future which could lead to either the reconstruction of their relationship or an amicable separation.

The process usually comprises at least one individual interview with each member of the couple. Having assessed the adequacy of the therapy, the objectives of the process should be negotiated and agreed by both members.

Family therapy

Family therapy is indicated for those families with communication and emotional expression difficulties, problems with their children (anxiety, social difficulties, …), presence of blurred boundaries and rules, etc.

During therapy, the dysfunctional sequences that prevent family grow are assesed and all the members are encouraged to work together in building a new meaning to their relation.